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Man Care for your Man Parts™
3 bottles of Trojan Man Care and 1 toiletry bag
  • Deodorizing Cleanser
  • Body Spray
  • Ball Deodorant

Plus FREE Toiletry bag*

*while supplies last

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Let's Get Down With Care Down There

TROJAN Man Care™ products cleanse, deodorize and refresh skin for confidence above and below the belt.

From America's #1 Trusted Condom Brand* *data on file
Keep 'Em Dry Ball Deodorant

Fast-drying ball deodorant infused with Vitamin E helps keep your boys soothed and odor-free without the rub. Unscented and alcohol-free.

Below the Belt Deodorizing Cleanser

In-shower foaming body cleanser deep cleans and moisturizes, above and below the belt, with natural hydrators like coconut oil and Vitamin E.

Total Package Deodorizing Body Spray

Deodorizing body spray with long-lasting Cool Woods scent keeps you odor-free and confident knowing you smell great everywhere.

Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Dye Free
It Takes Balls To Smell This Good

The Scent of Confidence is Cool Woods

Imagine - you are guiding your partner through a mossy forest at dusk. Alongside you runs a stream; a crag of stormy blue frothy water. Mist hugs the trees and obscures the path ahead. You inhale the clean, crisp aquatic notes layered over oakmoss and the scent of wood. Deeply masculine. Deeply alluring.
Deeply sniffworthy.


92% of men regularly groom below the belt

Research Study

81% of partners prefer a man who is groomed below the belt

Research Study

73% of men groom before sex

Research Study
Bottle of the Trojan Man Care Below the Belt deodorizing cleanser

The Ultimate Man Care Experience